About Physio in the Valley

Physiotherapy can be instrumental in aiding you to a full recovery from discomfort and pain that affects your daily life. Physiotherapy can prevent or treat a wide range of physical challenges that otherwise could be debilitating if left untreated.  Our goal is to provide the highest standard of physiotherapy and related care to the Ottawa Valley area in a caring and professional manner.


All of our health professionals are committed to advanced post-graduate education to help further their expertise.

In order for you to receive ample one-on-one time, our physiotherapists schedule a full hour initial consultation and book only one or two patients per hour (at 1/2 hour intervals) for treatments without relying on assistants or aides.  As our aim is the 'help you help yourself', it's always our goal to work towards eventually fostering your own independence through self-

treatment methods, prescribed exercise and education on your condition.

Do not settle for modalities directed only at symptom management, for techniques that have no scientific basis, or for treatments that buy time while your therapist juggles several other patients. Often procedures used by physiotherapists are things you could easily do at home and avoid the waste of time and money associated with relatively ineffective treatment. Our therapists are experienced clinicians with advanced clinical competencies for treating pain and other chronic conditions. We all stay up-to-date with scientific advances and participate regularly in both in-house and external education sessions.

The difference that Manual Therapy (Hands- On Care!) can make!

Physiotherapists with manual and manipulative therapy training use 'hands-on' treatment to help restore mobility, muscle function, nerve mobility and to reduce pain. Treatment techniques may include joint mobilization and soft tissue treatment techniques. In addition, this hands-on approach involves a biomechanical analysis and potential exercise prescription to augment/maintain the gains made in treatment.

Manual therapy techniques include: joint mobilization, myofascial release, soft tissue release, strain-counter strain, muscle energy techniques, neural (nerve) mobilization as well as others.