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We are proud to offer a wide range of comprehensive services to meet the needs of adults, seniors, and pediatric patients. Our team of professional caregivers specialize in providing personalized medical care, rehabilitative therapy and companion assistance.

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Kegel exerciser with app - Pelvic floor trainer - Perifit

Perifit is the fun and effective way to strengthen your pelvic floor with Kegel exercises. Better bladder and incontinence control, faster postnatal recovery and enhanced intimacy in 2 weeks. 5 year warranty and free shipping.  find out more

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About Us

Physiotherapy can be instrumental in aiding you to a full recovery from discomfort and pain that affects your daily life. Physiotherapy can prevent or treat a wide range of physical challenges that otherwise could be debilitating if left untreated. Our goal is to provide the highest standard of physiotherapy and related care to the Ottawa Valley area in a caring and professional manner.

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    Our Advantages

    Personalized Treatment
    You will receive a full individualized treatment.
    Comfortable Clinic
    Our clinic feels like a comfortable health & fitness center.
    Licensed Therapists
    Your treatment will be performed by only licensed therapists.
    Practitioners Network
    We will work closely with all your health practitioners.
    Experienced Staff
    Our therapists are trained and certified in therapy techniques.
    Therapy Goals
    Setting goals is the best way to enjoy a successful outcome.
    No matter whether your condition was caused by a sport, work
    accident or otherwise, we welcome the chance to serve you.

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