Chiropractors use a combination of treatments to suit your individual needs.  The chiropractic adjustment (also known as “spinal manipulation") is the most common form of manual therapy delivered by a chiropractor.  This involves the application of a high velocity, low amplitude thrust to a vertebra or joint with abnormal movement patterns.  The objective is to restore range of motion, reduce muscle and nerve irritability, and improve function.

Your physical therapy treatment and rehabilitation process is unique to you.  Subsequent visits are focused on manual therapy, which includes a combination of spinal and extremity manipulation, joint mobilization, soft tissue therapy, acupuncture as well as rehabilitation exercises and education.

Is Chiropractic safe during pregnancy?

Yes! As mentioned above, the Webster Technique is a gentle and effective technique used by chiropractors to treat women who are pregnant. There are several benefits to receiving Chiropractic care during pregnancy, such as improving overall function and minimizing pain and discomfort, allowing for a safer, easier birth and a quicker postpartum recovery.

How can a Chiropractor help me with postpartum recovery?

There are a few different approaches here:

  1. Soreness. If you experience discomfort due to compromised posture from baby-wearing, breastfeeding, or changes to sleep habits, we can treat you! Chiropractic techniques can always be tailored to suit your individual needs. For example, if you can’t lie on your tummy, we can treat you on your back, side or seated!
  2. Rehabilitation. It is imperative that you follow instructions from a health professional on how to properly and safely rehabilitate your core after having a baby. This should be a gradual process. We see several women exercising too early in an attempt to return to their pre-baby state, which only hinders overall recovery in the long term. Ask us!